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Wrapping Production for Beta Release

With over 3,600 commits over 5 months we are wrapping production of the beta release of SurroundsMe. Through GitHub we can easily visualize how the product matured through each commit our development team pushed. The following shows activity by month.

GitHub commits

Visualization of commits to the SurroundsMe software

As the chart indicates, the majority of the product was done by June 1st. Since then the focus of development has largely been in supporting features such as a sophisticated CRON and email system, badge logic, forum and more. A core product can not truly shine without an equally impressive supporting product so much effort has been in building out the administrative backend and supporting user features.

After pruning the code the breakdown is 1,638 Laravel PHP files, 226 JavaScript, 87 CSS, 61 Markdown, 35 HTML, 32 Less, 12 XML, 5 JSON and 1 SQL in a pear tree.

With a core team of 7 core developers and an army of freelancers we really proved how rapidly we could develop such a complicated product. Due to diverse time zones, about the only time GitHub wasn’t taking a beating by our team was 3am to 7am Hawaii time. This is also about the only time we were able to get any sleep over the last 5 months.

GitHub Punchcard

Punchcard with time and day of commit activity

It really is an exciting time as we wrap development on SurroundsMe and prepare to launch our Beta.
We are thankful to our hard working team of code chiefs, style sheet sultans, javascript junkies, interface instigators and quality control freaks who made the product possible.

Looking forward to your thoughts on our software be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified of the next round of beta users we bring on.