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Top 5% of Work 3.0 Job Creators on oDesk

Boom!  Look what just hit our inbox, oDesk recognized us as one of the top 5% of Work 3.0 job creators on all of oDesk!  Who doesn’t love accolades, even if it only means you spent way to much money getting your dream realized.  Seriously though, it is really empowering to able to scale talent easily and rapidly develop such a complex application.

Top 5 Percent on oDesk


The “Work 3.0″ movement excites us at SurroundsMe.  One of our key initiatives is our Author program which allows social marketers to easily make money through our Campaign Marketplace.  We are creating a platform where marketers have the ability to set their own rates, choose when they want to create new social campaigns and work on social campaigns that are most interesting to them.

For Brands, there is a great deal of value in leveraging freelancers from down the street to around the globe.  Our goal is to harness the collective brain of social marketing and serve it up in a structured results oriented way.  We also want to embrace social marketers and make it easy to make your fans your social marketing street team.

When hiring Work 3.0 marketers, here is some good advice from oDesk’s CEO, Gary Swart, on top five tips for  hiring social media marketers:

  1. Choose your channels. The first step, he said, is to determine which channels to use. This decision should be based on where your target audience is and what your social media marketing goals are.
  2. Identify experts in those channels. After you have identified your target social media channels and what your goals will be for each of them, you should look for social media marketers with expertise on those specific platforms, as not all social media channels are created equal.
  3. Be descriptive. When writing your job description, “be crystal clear, not just about the needs but about the wants,” Gary said.
  4. Ask relevant questions in the job post. This allows you to both assess applicants’ qualifications but also to determine if they read the job description carefully.
  5. Do a test project. Hire your top candidates for a small test project, one that will give you a good indication of their social media marketing skills. One thing to keep an eye out for, Gary noted, is that the candidates have an authentic voice in their messaging, as authenticity is key in social media marketing.

But once you hire a social marketer you need to know what to ask for and what metrics to use to determine if they are generating true value for your brand.  With SurroundsMe, not only can you crowdsource simple social marketing tasks, but also provide a framework for ensuring your in-house or contracted social marketers are meeting your business or communication goals.  SurroundsMe also gives you the measurement tools to determine return on investment by successfully meeting the target key performance indicators.

UPDATE 8/6: This was a really nice bonus and a sign of pro-active social marketing: