Preparing to launch SurroundsMe

We are so excited to launch SurroundsMe!  SurroundsMe makes social marketing simple and easy for businesses, because your marketers surround you.

In our web marketing consulting company, we found the top challenges clients have with Social Media Marketing are:

  1. Writing content to post on social networks takes time and creativity.  It’s tough to find time be creative when you’re multi-tasking in a small business.
  2. You finally find time to post content, but no one notices or shares.
  3. Social Marketing is a team effort, but coordinating and delegating tasks and structure for the organization is difficult.
  4. Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns on multiple social channels is time consuming and confusing.

We wanted to create a system that helps solve these challenges and still be affordable for businesses of all sizes. Time is a resource that’s just as valuable as money; and although social media is “free,” it can be labor intensive.



We’re proud to say that SurroundsMe solves all these major challenges and so much more.  Instead of using several different software solutions that solve one or two tasks in the social marketing workflow, SurroundsMe incorporates the most needed tools for small businesses in one simple dashboard.  Plus, it solves a huge problem no one has been able to tackle until now; creating content or messaging.

Here’s and example.  You want to promote an event you’ll be having in the next month or so.  You find an Event Promotion campaign in our campaign marketplace and download it.  It asks you questions about your event, “Where is the location of the event?” “What is the date and time?”  “What will people do at the event?”  “Who is your target audience?”

Our Mad Libs style software fills in your responses to these pre-written messages and provides you with pre-written posts to schedule out within our system:  “Join us for a special Champaign Brunch on Tuesday, November 3rd from 9-10:30 am at The Bistro to learn about investment strategies for early retirement.”  “Looking to retire young and rich?  RSVP here”

Imagine having messages like this tailored to your goals and promotions that you can edit and approve to be time released on Facebook and Twitter (and more networks soon).  Social Marketing Professionals contribute their successful campaigns to the campaign marketplace so there will be a campaign for every business and organization to meet their marketing objectives.

Once you have great content posted to your social networks, you’ll want to promote it.  You can invite your employees, vendors, friends and customers to become an advocate for you by entering their email address into our system.  They’ll receive an email with easy, simple instructions on how they can help you.  They can quickly like, share or retweet your key messages in one screen.  Most organizations don’t think to leverage their employees’ massive social networks to help promote their marketing because there hasn’t been a simple frame work, until now.

Our mission is to provide businesses of all sizes the structure and tools to do social marketing effectively and efficiently.  Our second mission is to provide social marketing professionals with a vehicle to share their work with the businesses that need it.

We have so many more features and resources we plan to add, so you’ll probably find something new every week.

SurroundsMe is so revolutionary that we often have to repeat our explanation of it several times because there isn’t anything like it that exists.  The best way to learn how it works is to watch the tour video and give it a try.  Tell us what you think!

  • Rob Bertholf

    Great article Ann! Excited to get this great tool out to market!

  • Bruce Fisher

    Sign me up! Brilliant

    • Rob Bertholf

      Hi Bruce, we are bringing on 5 more companies this week, will send you an invite code.